Tip: Set a Bill Pay Day

Here’s an easy way to make sure you don’t miss any bill payments: set aside a specific day of the week to pay your bills.

For example, if you pick Friday, then every Friday, set aside time to check your bill checklist for upcoming bills, and pay anything that is due on or before the next Friday.

By setting aside a specific day where you always pay bills, you will develop a routine so you’re less likely to forget.

In addition, it removes the stress of having to think about whether any bills are due soon. You can relax the rest of the week, knowing you’ve already paid for anything upcoming.

Using Chronicle With a Bill Pay Day

To set this up in Chronicle for Mac or iOS, the app developed in conjunction with the authors of this blog, set your Due Soon Interval to 7 days. That way, when you sit down on your bill pay day, all the bills you have to pay that day will appear in the Due Soon section.

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